Following are a few examples from some of the photographic series we have completed.  They range from Mr. Barnwell's personal projects, like his series of three Appalachian-themed books, to commissions done for museums, historical societies, individuals, and organizations where he produced images for their needs. On commissioned projects, we plan the scope and subject matter together, along with cost parameters, then proceed with the photography (and oral history if desired), to create meaningful images that satisfy both our clients' needs and wishes as well as our own high standards of work. If you have a project in mind, we'd love to talk to you about how we can help.


Jewels of the Southern Coast

Tim spent several weeks along the South Carolina and Georgia coast in the spring of 2013 and again in 2014, mainly in the cities of Charleston and Savannah, photographing structures and locations of significant historical, architectural, and cultural importance. The series, titled "Jewels of the Southern Coast," includes images of courthouses, churches, historic homes, commercial business, cemeteries, and other treasures. It was edited to a collection of 160 images. A selection of those was published in the prestigious photography magazine, LensWork, with a cover story and 17 images from the series, in the Sept/Oct 2016 issue (copies can be ordered through our SHOP page). A total of 49 photographs were used in the online edition. A sampling are shown here and images from that series are also included in the "Southern Heritage" exhibit that opens October 1, 2016 at Lumiere Gallery in Atlanta.



Portrait of Greenville (SC), for Greenville County Museum of Art

This series was done for the "Portrait of Greenville" project, sponsored by the Greenville County Art Museum. A number of painters were brought in from across the country to create one piece each about the city/county and its people. As the only photographer, Mr. Barnwell spent several weeks exploring Greenville County, mainly rural areas outside of town where the painters didn't typically go, and creating images. The result was an exhibit of about a dozen paintings and fifteen of his photographs. Tim's only guidance was that the images had to be taken within Greenville County, so he had great freedom to find subjects on his own and create photographs that would reflect the area while using his personal vision to decide how to capture and present the subjects.



Places and Faces of Cashiers and Highlands, NC


The "Places & Faces" project was initiated by the Cashiers Historical Society in Cashier, NC. They had an idea in mind to document the people and places that were historically significant to their area. After seeing Mr. Barnwell's "Hands in Harmony" photographic exhibit at the Asheville Art Museum they contacted him about his participation, as they thought his photographic approach to portraits combined with experience doing oral histories was the perfect fit for their project. He was commissioned to do eight people and places over a summer and do interviews with each of the subjects. It was so successful for their organization that they choose eight more the following summer. Now we have done a total of five sessions, plus one in Highlands for a group there. Plans are for a book of the Cashiers images, which Mr. Barnwell will author and help produce over the next couple of years.




The Face of Appalachia: Portraits from the Mountain Farm

The Face of Appalachia was Mr. Barnwell's first book, and is still in print some 14 years later. It's combination of portraits, landscapes and oral history interviews fulfilled an idea he had of presenting a way of life that was all but gone in this country. By searching out people doing traditional farming activities in remote mountain regions of southern Appalachia, Tim was able to document and interpret the life of these hardworking and resourceful people. The book contains 100 images along with interviews with the subjects about the activities portrayed and how they thrive in such difficult circumstances.



On Earth's furrowed Brow: The Appalachian Farm in Photographs

Mr. Barnwell's second book of black and white photographs was released in 2009 and portrays life on the Appalachian farm throughout the seasons. It starts with winter and indoor life and moves through spring planting, summer activities, fall harvest, and getting ready for winter. It combines portraits and landscapes to show the Appalachian farm as it is transformed through planting to harvest and the people who carve out a life on the rugged mountain land. The stories from the subjects range from heart wrenching to inspiring and provide a context to better understand the people who carve out a living here.



Hands in Harmony: Traditional Crafts and Music in Appalachia

Hands in Harmony (2011) is a collection of portraits of musicians and craftspeople, both amateur and professional, who work in traditional themes. From oldtime to bluegrass in the music world, and functional to decorative crafts in the handmade world, you will see the people involved portrayed in their homes, studios, and performance venues.  You can also learn more about each person, and the history of tradional music and crafts, through the oral history interviews as well as from the birographiesTim wrote for each subject. Whether you are new to the area and want to better understand the culture, or you are a native who wants to revel in the talented people who make our culture so rich, there is much to enjoy here.



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